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October 29

Romania: Order of Michael the Brave 2nd class, type 2

October 16

Kappenabzeichen: two rare badges (1st Horse Artillery Regiment; 28th Feld-Jäger Battalion)

September 25

USA: USN officer's cap badge by Balfour

Canada: various badges (WW1/WW2)

Sweetheart pins: canadian WW1/WW2

September 20

Sweetheart pins: 1918 Military Hospital Stebonheath, RAF gold withs etc.

September 19

Aviation: WW1 French pilot eagle in Gold

UK/Commonwealth: WW1 and WW2 Service badges, rare Trinidad and Tobago 'Win the War' badge

Canada: WW1/WW2 service badges

Finland: medals and medal bars

September 18

USA: Orders of Legion of Merit (Chief Commander/Commander)

September 13

Aviation: RAAF items

Sweetheart pins: various Australian items

UK: Australian shoulder WW1

March 20

Italy: Italian Eritrean Corps (Corpo D'Armata Eritreo) 1936 medal

March 12

Kappenabzeichen - 1914-1918 In Memoriam badge

France - Black Star of Benin Order - *SOLD*

March 08

France: Various medals

Belgium: WW2 Prisoners of War medal

Czech Republic: Decoration of the White Lion for Bravery - boxed 1st Class!



NEW reference book published:

"Orders of the Netherlands" by Antti Ruokonen, most comprehensive work on the subject in English language.


"Orders of Luxembourg" by Antti Ruokonen




NEW Italian Wars of Independence Medals (dedicated page - accessible from Italian Medals Page)

Several medals including 1848/40 Roman Republic Benemerite and Benemerenti for Defence of Vicenza; Various medals for 2nd War of Independence.