Please read these guidelines carefully. Be sure to read all terms and conditions (see Ordering page) prior to contacting us or placing an order.

If you decide to order, please check with us first for item's availability.

Email: sales@jkmilitaria.com

Due to increased credit card fraud, please specify issuing bank/institution. Also, we will only ship to address where the credit card is registered. Thank you.

Phone number: (We're located in Canada, so if dialing from overseas please include country code before area code).

(613) 377-9894  - 7days a week (if no one is available, please leave msg.)

We accept credit card payment ONLY through Paypal service. The only other form of payment we accept is a Money Order.

- We are NOT able to process Credit Card orders over the phone as we have done in the past.

Can't get in touch with us? If you're having problems calling, please email us with your phone number and we'll try to get in touch with you. Please note that we are in the Eastern time zone (US and Canada).

Please note that our mailing address will be provided to customers only. Your address or any personal information you provide us with during transaction will not be disclosed to anyone else. These precautions are for mutual protection. Thank you.

For users of various browsers that don't allow one to see our prices to the right of items, please refer to the numbers in brackets next to item numbers. All prices are in US dollars.

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