San Marino, Order of San Marino, Merito Civile, Merito Militare, Merito Civile e Militare, Order of St Agatha, medals of San Marino, Order of Saint Marinus.

San Marino

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Order of San Marino, Knight without crown.
Order of San Marino, Knight without crown. Very nice example in silver gilt, excellent enamels (one tiny chip to white). Multi part construction, towers between arms have black enamelled doors/windows). Centre painted enamel shows good rendition of the Saint Marinus. 46mm wide. Likely of Gardino manufacture. Item # SanM-5 *SOLD*
San Marino Medal for Merit (Military and Civil) bronze (Medaglia Ottagonale "Merito") 1875
Medal for Merit (Military and Civil) bronze (Medaglia Ottagonale "Merito"). Scarce, 2nd type of the medal - 1875 type. Octagonal shape, bronze. Designer/maker marked: 'L Gori Inc.' (Luigi Gori). Excellent quality and condition (one faint scratch on reverse). Original ribbon slightly soiled. Fabulous example dating back to late XIXc. Very hard to find. 33mm wide, planchet 2.1mm. Item # SanM-4 (154)
1936 Five Centesimi Coin

1936 Five Centesimi Coin fitted for wear as a medal. Silvered bronze, officially mint struck. Fitted with ribbon. 19.5mm diameter. (20). Item #SanM-3.

Order of Saint Marinus (Ordine Equestre Civile e Militare di San Marino)

Order of Saint Marinus (Ordine Equestre Civile e Militare di San Marino). This is one of the two Orders this tiny Republic awards. San Marino is one of the oldest Republics in Europe and entirely located within Italy. The order was founded in 1859. Presented here is the 2nd type. Awarded for Military and Civil services to the Republic, mostly to foreigners. Commander's class of this rare award. Cross in gilded silver. Original neck ribbon with ties. All enamels intact (couple of hairline cracks but no chipping). Handsome piece, would look great in any collection. Great quality of enamels. Light age darkening. 57mm x 90mm! Item # SanM-1. *SOLD*


Order of Saint Marinus, Knight's class of the Order described above, also 2nd type. Cross in silver gilt. Multi-piece construction with rare cutout image of the Saint also in silver gilt (usually painted enamel). Very detailed crown suspension. Judging by the excellent craftmanship, likely of French manufacture. Slight enamel imperfections to riband on obverse, slight chip around letter 'C' (10 o'clock) on reverse. Original ribbon, lightly worn. Increasingly difficult to find. 41mm x 60mm. Item #SanM-2. *SOLD*



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