Medals of Montenegro, Order of Danilo I, Order of St. Peter, Prince Danilo, Nicholas I, Montenegro bravery medal, Milosh Oblitch medal, Orders of Montenegro.


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Order of Montenegrian Indpendence (Danilo I), Knight class of the 1861/1893- pattern by renowned French jeweler 'Lemaitre & Fils.'
Order of Montenegrian Indpendence (Danilo I), Knight class of the 1861/1893- pattern by renowned French jeweler 'Lemaitre & Fils.'. Excellent quality, very fine and thinner (as compared to the standard V.Mayers's production) planchet. Complete with original ribbon (slight soiling) which is arranged in the regular wear manner (likely for French recipient or such). Well detailed, ribbed suspension eye. Crafted in silver, bears clear hallmark indicating French silver (800 or greater fineness), along with elusive punch mark of Lemaitre's firm ('L& - granade F' - struck to suspension). We have not seen Lemaitre's marked Order of Danilo I in the past (have seen those by Bertrand and Chobillon). Appears to have slight enamel imperfections in the centre, otherwise condition is very good. This is one beautifully crafted cross, a true 'gem' for the discerning collector. 38mm x 48mm. Item # Mon-12 *Sold*

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Nicholas I, 50th anniversary medal. Bronze, complete with original ribbon. Designer's name in relief beneath King's bust (St. Schwartz). Cross of the Order of Danilo I with dates 1860 - 1910 to reverse. Also in clear relief is a name/mark 'PRINZ' to bottom left of reverse. 33mm in diameter. Medals shows slight wear, few bumps to edges. Item # Mon-11 *SOLD*
Montenegrian Bravery Medal, 1912-1916 type by Arthus Bertrand in Paris
Montenegrian Bravery Medal, 1912-1916 type by Arthus Bertrand in Paris. Excellent details and condition, nicely patinated. Hallmarked with French silver guarantee mark (head of wild boar), Dutch silver import control mark (both to body of the medal) along with Bertrand's mark on the suspension eye. Most superb example, likely issued to a Dutch Officer making it rather interesting research piece. There could not have been too many Dutch issued such medal. Complete with original ribbon. 36mm in diameter, 2mm planchet. Finest example of this type we have ever seen. Earlier, Austrian-produced medals are much more common, so are those not made in silver. Item # Mon-10
Montenegro 1875-1878 Independance (Turkish) Wars Commemorative Medal
Montenegro 1875-1878 Independance  (Turkish) Wars Commemorative Medal. Bronze, original ribbon. Good quality and condition. Original ribbon. Medal shows slight wear and few contact marks.36.2mm ø. Planchet 3.1mm. Hard to find medal. Item # Mon-9  (154)
Nicholas I, 50th anniversary medal
Nicholas I, 50th anniversary medal. Bronze gilt. Item # Mon-6
Order of Danilo, 1861- 1893 type
Order of Danilo, 1861- 1893 type. Knight class. Thin planchet indicating French manufacture. Wonderful, original ribbon showing age and typical pulls. No chipping to enamels. Missing center disk on reverse. Perfect for display or uniform mount. 37mm wide. Item # Mon-8 *SOLD*
Order of Danilo I, Knight

Order of Danilo I, Knight class of the Order. Rare flat design, believed to be of French manufacture (possibly by Kretly). 1861- 1893 type (exactly like one pictured in V. Mericka's book, figure 4/c, page 114). Proper replacement ribbon. Shows light wear, typical marks on thin silver arms but no damage. Enamels intact. Really nice example and, very hard to find in thin form (considerably thinner then Austrian-made crosses). 48mm x 38mm. Original suspension ring. Item # Mon-4 *SOLD*

Nicholas I, 50th anniversary medal. Bronze gilt. All are hard to find, especially in silver as very few were made. Condition is very good, old ribbon. Designer's name in relief to bottom of obverse (St. Schwartz). King's head with inscription (to commemorate 50 years of reign 1910). Cross of the Order of Danilo I with dates 1860 - 1910 to reverse. Also in clear relief is a name/mark 'PRINZ' to bottom left of reverse. This could be the jeweller who was hired to manufacture the medals. Although not much is known about him, I have seen this name on another Montenegrian bravery medal. Rare find and a must for a Montenegrian collection. 33mm in diameter. Item # Mon-5. *SOLD*
Montenegrian Independence Order
Order of Danilo I (also known as Montenegrian Independence Order). This spectacular decoration was founded in 1861 and statutes had been revised number of times. Neck badge of the 2nd or 3rd class (the same). Appears to be roughly around 1870's vintage with crowned Royal cypher. Silver badge (gilt crown and centers). Interesting example with 2 different centers: obverse appears to be Austrian or German made with rare flat lettering, reverse has beautifully raised inscriptions/dates - possibly in gold (may be also Austrian- or French-made). Unmarked but original. Multi-part construction, some minor enamel cracking (mostly the white outer bands). Contact marks to metal - inner center band (not detractive). Ribbon appears to be original (51mm) or old replacement (watermarked silk!). Complete with neck ties. Cross spans 50mm. Great details to crown and pendilia. Very interesting type of this handsome Order. Item # Mon-1. *SOLD*
Medal for 1875-1878 Independance Wars
Medal for 1875-1878 Independance Wars. 36.1mm in diameter. Very hard to find Montenegrian medal. Item # Mon-2. *SOLD*
Montenegro war bravery medal

Kingdom era, war bravery medal. Issued during King Nikola I Petrovic reign. The small country of Montenegro was annexed by Serbia in 1918. An uprising to restore the country's independence in 1919 did not succeed. The King was forced to exile and died few years later. Medal in silver, depicting National eagle, King's crown atop. Reverse inscribed: for freedom for bravery, crossed swords below with foliage beneath. Original tri-fold ribbon in traditional white and red colors. Medal is quite rare due to miniscule numbers issued. Remarkable condition with just a single, small edge ding and light scratches. Nicely toned with age. Very few contact marks. Ribbon is clean. Beautiful detail. Truly a hard find. Guaranteed original. 36.2mm in diameter. Clear hallmarks for 'Vinc Mayer's Söhne, Vienna (VM) and Austrian silver control mark of 'horned head' A 3 (Vienna 900/800 silver mark). Also the type is the less common cylindrical suspension one. Hard to find piece and well hallmarked. Great addition to your Montenegrin or Balkan collection. Item # Mon-3. *SOLD*

Montenegro Medal for Heroism 1862
Medal for Heroism 1862. Awarded for exceptional bravery. Silver. Type with fancy suspension. There was another type with ball suspender. Replacement ribbon. Shows typical wear marks. These medals were often worn 'to the ground' and few details were visible. All details are clear on the medal offered here. 31mm diameter. Designer's name in relief ("S" for Seiden). Rarely offered for sale. Item # Mon-7. *SOLD*


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