King Zog, Prince William of Wied, Order of Black Eagle, Order of Scanderbeg, Besa, besaorden, Order of Fidelity, Albania, Grand Cross, Grand Officer, Commander, Officer, Knight, Member, Star of Grand Cross


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Albania 1914 Accession to the throne of Albania
NEW! 1914 Accession to the throne of Albania - Prince William of Wied commemorative medal. Designed by 'Gurschner' (Austrian designer), marked beneath Wied's bust. Interesting ribbon variant (reversed colouration to the usual one). Nice, light patina. Medal struck in bronze with very clean relief, borders are finely detailed with pebbled trim. Slight wear. 41mm x 28mm. Item # Alb-10 *SOLD*


Early Italian Ocupation period cap badge
Early Italian Occupation period cap badge. White metal, 2 threaded posts for fastening (one nut missing). Die struck. Rare badge (as all Albanian items are). Excellent condition. 32.5mm x 21.5mm. Item # Alb-7  *SOLD*
Badge commemorating Zog's 10th anniversary of becoming King of Albania
Badge commemorating Zog's 10th anniversary of becoming King of Albania. In form of enamelled ancient crown of Scanderbeg. Bronze, traces of gilding. No damage to enamels. These were distributed to members of Zog's guard, officers of the army and notable citizens. Very hard to find. Maker marked: E. Gardino Roma. Button-hole fastener present. 30.5mm x 30mm. Item # Alb-8 *SOLD*
Order of the Scanderbeg - knight grade
Order of the Scanderbeg - knight grade, 2nd type (under Italian rule 1939-1944). Order is rare in this class as very few were issued. Albanian orders are scarce since only issued from 1914 (Order of Black eagle only as others were instituted from 1925 on) until 1944. Comes with long, original ribbon (no damage). Gilding still intact as are all enamels. Multi-part construction. Guaranteed original, great condition (some imperfection to ball suspension but hard to notice). Item # Alb-1 *SOLD*
Order of Fidelity (also known as BESA order) knight
Order of Fidelity (also known as BESA order) knight, 2nd type. Very rare item as few awarded in this class. This is the type as issued under theItalian rule. Multi-part construction, chain with words 'FERT' is affixed to body via 3 tiny screws. Black enamel intact, majority of gilding remains. Great details. Original ribbon in good condition. Reverse shows age and some tarnish to back plate (which typically for most Albanian awards covers all fasteners for the centre disc components). Great piece, very hard to obtain. Item # Alb-2 *SOLD*
Order of Scanderbeg. Grand Cross breast star
Order of Scanderbeg. Grand Cross breast star - 1st type (1925 - 1939/40). Fantastic quality in silver, gilt and rich enamels. Multi part construction. Finely crafted. Reverse marked: 'E. Gardino Succ. Cravanzola, Roma' (plaque to reverse). Also - silver control mark punched to the lower right arm (800 or 900 - hard to make out). All enamels 100% intact. Outstanding example of this fabulous award. Shows slight wear but overall excellent condition. 84mm in diameter. Item # Alb-3. *SOLD*
Albanian Scaderbeg Order
Order of Scanderbeg, Grand Cross breast star - 2nd type (Italian occupation) of award (1939/40 - 1944). Variation of the 2nd type with knots of Savoy and word 'FERT' applied to ribband. Crossed fascias to bottom (also applied). All in fantastic detail. Rich enamels intact. Star in silver (800) and gilt parts. Superb example. Marked to the pin with 2 punches. One is a silver punch (800), the other representing maker but really hard to make out. Most likely S. Johnson or A. Alberti & Co. Star nicely vaulted. Light wear but very clean. Would enhance any collection. 83mm in diameter. Item # Alb-4 *SOLD*
Order of Fidelity, also known as Besa (or Besa Order). Star of Grand Cross
Order of Fidelity, also known as Besa (or Besa Order). Star of Grand Cross (or Grand Officer) mid - 2nd type - under italian domination (late stars were somewhat different). Extremely rare in any of the higher classes. Spectacular piece. Italian manufacture, deeply impressed 2-part hallmark is very hard to make out, most likely A. Alberti or S. Johnson. This company made some pieces in 1944 that would be consistant with this one. The details of the centre badge are similar to other pieces by this firm that we've had over the years. Rare and unusual form of the star. The construction (deep 'diamond' cut pebbles) is much like the Grand Officer but 8 points would indicate the Grand Cross. It is rather well-known that Italian manufacturers took upon themselves to change the appearance of the stars as outlined in the Statutes of the Order. At least 3 or 4 different patterns have been observed in various collector publications over the years. Very rare in commerce. Would surely add much class to any Albanian Orders collection. Details are exquisite, only one tiny chip to enamels (left eagle head tip). Multi-part construction, deep blue enameled 'FERT' lettering. Engraved details to feathering and knots of Savoy. Four attachment rivets to reverse, 'coke-bottle' style pin and 2 side catch pins. Appears to be heavily silver plated - possibly on copper or such. Shows age and light wear. Handsome and stunning piece. 84mm in diameter. Nicely vaulted. Pin slightly loose but no problems. Truly hard to find piece. Item # Alb-5 *SOLD*

1941 Accession to the throne of Albania

Wied Accession to the throne of Albania medal. Original ribbon arrangement. Light wear. Showing age. 41mm x 28mm. Very interesting medal. Item # Alb-6 *Sold*


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